Beta Tau

at Kent State University

Letter From Membership Vice President

           Many people always question whether or not joining a sorority is right for them. My suggestion is that even if you are doubtful, you should just give it a try! Joining a sorority can be intimidating at times, however the benefits you get out of it a far more worth it than the nervousness you experience throughout the time you are going through recruitment.

            Alpha Xi Delta encourages you to go Greek! We love to encounter girls who are eager to partake in leadership opportunity, community service, who are unique, and who live by our core values. We believe it takes a special person to love and cherish Alpha Xi Delta like all of our sisters do. Alpha Xi Delta is able to give you a sense of belongingness. You will constantly have sisters that will be there for you and encourage you to realize your potential. Not only will Alpha Xi Delta inspire you to be a better person, it will promote you to have higher standards for scholarship, citizenship, and excellence. Every woman in Alpha Xi Delta is not alike. We all have different hobbies, backgrounds, and ideas. This makes for a very diverse and compatible chapter.

            There are many different reasons as to why I joined Alpha Xi Delta that I would like to share with you… Being a member of Alpha Xi Delta is exceptionally important to me. I enjoy the idea of creating a vision of who I want to be and setting it in my mind to act upon it everyday. If my vision includes being a generous person who donates time and talents to others, then I know everyday I must act as that person. In this case, being a member of Alpha Xi Delta encourages me to realize my potential not just because it is the words we live by, but rather the people that our within our chapter. I envy the girls who put forth effort and want to make a difference, which is exactly what I aspire to be. Alpha Xi Delta is an incredible opportunity to broaden my own goals and ideas. I think being a member in this chapter from an outsider looking in would see that sisters of Alpha Xi Delta, myself included, have patience, compassion, and show unconditional love for not only our sorority but also the people within it. By becoming a member of this chapter I hope people will perceive us as sisters who make good decisions, have good intentions, and eventually sees that being a genuine person comes second nature to each and every one of us. Being a sister to this chapter means everything to me because I would love to leave a positive legacy behind that shows I am hard working and determined to make the most out of this chapter, and luckily Alpha Xi Delta has done that for me over the past three years


Good Luck Recruitment!



Emily Axelrod

Membership Vice President